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DIM SUM during the week you say? That's not normal (except in Convoy)! But now there's a new restaurant in Hillcrest called French Concession that IS open with your choice of favorite dim sum items from noon to 10pm, any day of the week. The catch... don't expect any servers pushing carts or the typical round tables with lazy susans. Instead, this place has normal table service and a more 'chic' feel.

Last Sunday, we headed to Old Town for our third visit in the month of December! We're already breaking our typical 1-2 visits PER YEAR for Old Town! As Dennis and I drove in, we lucked out and got a parking spot very close to the plaza. The moment we left the car, we were enveloped by the inviting scent of tortillas, freshly made every day, which made us even hungrier! After being greeted by the friendly hostress, we were seated.

This year we decided to participate in the Fit Foodies 5k Race, a new event added to the San Diego Bay Food and Wine Festival. One of our friends joined us for the race.

11/09/2013 - 10:00am to 5:00pm

The 2nd Annual Veg Festival will take place in San Diego's North Park district on Saturday November 9th 2013 from 10am to 5pm.

This year’s theme explores what it means to embrace an entire lifestyle of being healthy, sustainable, compassionate and cruelty-free; it isn’t JUST about what we eat!

There will be three different stages with different speakers, demonstrations, and information to check out.

For more information, visit their page.

We've been hearing about ramen burgers for a while so yesterday we finally adventured out to RakiRaki with some friends to give them a try.

Put on your running (or walking) shoes and join us for the Fit Foodie 5k held on Saturday morning, November 23. We are providing free registration to one of our readers, who can take part in this healthy exercise and will find foodie-related fun at the finish line.

In the Convoy area, there are so many asian restaurants to choose from but parking is quite difficult, especially during peak times! One day, Dennis and I first found parking, took a look around, and then decided on Nozomi Noodles and Teriyaki restaurant nearby.

One of the daily specials was to order $30 worth of food and get a free appetizer.

And the Tequila Trail continues from part 1!

Inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel bar area, they were serving El Jimador, which actually did well in the competition in previous years. It's funny that once you learn about something, all of a sudden it's everywhere! I've been noticing this brand in the stores ever since last year...