Pacific Beach

halibut sandwich at The Fish Shop in Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach Fish Shop

06/05/2017 - 10:52pm

Living so close to the ocean, we're lucky to have fresh seafood within easy reach. Pacific Beach Fish Shop (or PB Fish Shop) provides both a local seafood market as well as a spot to grub on...

cocktails at Duck Dive in Pacific Beach San Diego

Duck Dive

04/11/2017 - 10:39pm

One of my personal missions for this year is to visit the beach more often. I remember a prior happy hour visit to Duck Dive where I took my *favorite* overhead shot while a cool ocean breeze...

happy hour at Duck Dive

Duck Dive - happy hour visit

08/30/2016 - 12:42pm

We're slowly working through our giftcards from Burger Week and decided to hit up happy hour at Duck Dive in Pacific Beach. To avoid Friday traffic, we took a lovely yet roundabout drive through...

Ambrogio15 restaurant in Pacific Beach


08/19/2016 - 5:23pm

Ambrogio15 is an authentic Milanese pizzeria that recently opened in North Pacific Beach. Ambrogio is the name of a patron saint of Milan while the number 15 represents the pizza...

Costa Brava Marinated Octopus

Tapena Meetup at Costa Brava on August 30 2012

09/01/2012 - 11:04pm

On Thursday we drove out to Pacific Beach for a Tapena's meetup at Costa Brava, not knowing what to expect. What we found  was a bustling restaurant, their outdoor patio filled with chattering...

Tapena Meetup August 30 2012 - event info

08/27/2012 - 10:05pm

Explore savory Spanish culture where the wine is flavorful and the art of conversation is alive and well.   Tapeña wines are from the Tierra de Castilla region of Spain and are extremely food- and...

Coast of Pacific Beach Restaurant Walk

05/13/2010 - 12:59pm

Take a culinary walking tour of Pacific Beach's best dining hotspots on the coast.  Sample over 20 restaurants for only $20!

Buy tickets online at or at Discover Pacific Beach...

Heart of Pacific Beach Restaurant Walk

09/17/2009 - 10:17am

Discover the best eats in Pacific Beach at the upcoming HEART OF PACIFIC BEACH RESTAURANT WALK on Saturday, September 19 from 12pm to 4pm. This self-guided tour features an eclectic mix of...

Kono's Cafe Egg Burrito #3


11/23/2006 - 3:31pm

Before heading to the airport for Thanksgiving travel, Dennis and I stopped by a new breakfast place to review: Kono’s at PB, all the way at the end of Garnet Ave.

Egg Burrito #3 (...

Fred's Mexican Cafe mahi mahi burrito

Fred's Mexican Cafe

09/03/2006 - 6:55pm

When I think of foods I want to eat, Mexican food does not cross my mind often. There aren’t too many dishes that appeal to me and it’s a bit unhealthy for my taste. Think of all that cheese and...