Last year's tour of London could have used a few extra days. Besides all the engaging activities available, there were also diverse dishes to captivate our dining curiosity. Dennis and I selected several restaurants and gleefully squeezed them into our schedule. If only there were time for more...

If you're struggling on what cuisine to eat first, Roti Chai brings modern Indian food to the table. We arrived in London around lunchtime and found our way there by tube plus a brief walk. The spacious eatery was calm that morning and we had options galore with their  tapa style selection.

Kabli Chana, Railway Lamb and more at Roti Chai in London UK

After a whirlwind of fun in Paris, we were off to our next destination of London in the United Kingdom. Despite some rain, I was really loving our visit to this beautiful little city full of history and gorgeous sights.

famous telephone booths in London UK

It's unfortunate that we can't warp around using red telephone booths but we've got you covered below with other transportation options.