I picked out a newer place called Santo Sushi for a post-workout dinner. Santo Sushi is located east of I-15 off Clairemont Mesa Blvd on the left side of a plaza that also housed a Vons grocery store. The place isn't too big and has approximately 9 or 12 tables/booths. The woman who was our server was very friendly and helped answer our questions on the different rolls available. She beamed that they used real crab meat mixed with imitation crab meat in their rolls. We finally decided on two of the special rolls and one off the regular menu.

The first roll we received was the menu special Del Mar House Roll. Inside was their advertised crab meat mix which we thought was nice and tasty, speared through with asparagus for a bit of texture. What was different about the roll was the seared beef on top. We thought the beef itself was soft and easy to chew but still not quite the same effect as fish in a sushi roll. It was decent but I'll always prefer fish sushi over beef sushi.

Our next roll was one of the house recommendations, the Santo Roll...