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Submitted by J.S. @ Sun Dieg... (not verified) on Fri, 05/02/2014 - 11:16am

I usually do the opposite and drown my sushi and sashimi in soy sauce and pickled ginger (but not wasabi, hate that stuff)! I heard at really good sushi places they frown on this because you're supposed to add just a little soy sauce or nothing at all but I have such a hard time enjoying it if its not properly salty :)

And I think especially in California they just love putting avocado in rolls. But it is really nice and totally agree that the creaminess adds something to it. And avocado creaminess is a more subtle one than adding tons of mayo sauce. Whenever I order rolls I always like there to be some combination of lots of raw fish, avocado, shrimp tempura for crunch and preferably some kind of spicy element too. If you're going to be non-traditional with sushi might as well go for broke no?

Lovely pictures too btw Lynn!