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Once October rolled around, our minds had already drifted toward the annual Taste of North Park event. Due to travel and other things, we had not attended since 2014 (or 2015 if you count the mini taste) but this year was finally GAME ON. The event was held Saturday October 15, 2017 between 11-3am and we had a ticket that included beer and food ($45). There were also food only ($35) or beer only ($15) options when purchasing in advance. This new separation was a nice change especially since certain friends of mine admitted they only came for the beer! With ticket in hand, we walked between the various businesses in search of the best samples. Check out the highlights below!

Spooky cheeses at Venissimo Cheese observed everyone eating this delicious MimoLette cheddar/gouda hybrid.

Choose your own flavor at Figaro Dessert Cafe. I love options!

More options for sweet gelatos at Hammond's Gourmet Ice Cream. Mini cone included!

Caffe Calabria has their pizza oven back in business which makes me super happy. I could eat pizza everyday, cold or hot! 

Dennis is always craving the mac n cheese from Sublime and this year they sampled some for the event!

These ahi tostada bites from Encontro were a perfect sample size! I'm digging that cute succulent bowl too.

Tostadas had a huge sample tostada with a meat or potato option.

What made this stop even better was the agua fresca as part of the taste! After a little bit of walking, their cucumber lime drink hit the spot.

Check out this stash of Ube donuts from Nomad Donuts! Unfortunately, this flavor and the dragonfruit flavor we tried were too subtle for our taste.

There's nothing like eating tator tots while racing motorcycles... safely at Coin-Op game room. ^_^

I truly do want to save room for upcoming samples but these True North Tavern tator tots always disappear completely after we stop here!

Mastiff (inside North Park Beer Co) served crispy potato rounds topped with harissa aioli, cotija cheese and cilantro. It wasn't super fresh in sample form but we'd give it another go for a standalone order.

Dennis was thrilled to find Revive Kombucha right outside of Queen B's. Out of the four flavors being poured, we liked their most popular one, which I think is Boogie Down. They are from norcal and we're glad they shared their product with us!

I believe Florencia's Ristorante is a new (to me) spot in North Park. We had a little bit of their pepperoni pizza and garlic bread to sample.

We had many more bites than pictured but our final sample was an asian glazed pork belly on a crispy tostada from West Coast Tavern. Thank goodness we ended the event on a good note! 

North Park continues to be one of my favorite foodie neighborhoods. Whether you are an avid eater, beer lover, or a little of both, this exploring event is not to be missed! 

Disclaimer: We were provided tickets to this event and our food and drink were complimentary. We were not otherwise compensated and all opinions stated are our own

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