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I recently saw Mary's Donuts & Coffee at, so I decided to try them out while making a run to the Sonic in Santee.  Unless you know where to look, you may miss it.  It's sort of part of a gas station on the corner of Mission Gorge Rd and Fanita Dr.

Their Donut Holes are 6 for $0.84 or 12 for $1.49.  I got an assorted dozen.  They really are good.  The ones with sprinkles seem much larger than donut holes from other donut shops.  They have just the right amount of denseness for cake donuts.  Yummy!  Too bad they didn't have any chocolate donut holes.  Regular donuts are $0.75 each or 6 for less than $4 and a dozen for less than $7 (sorry, I don't remember the exact prices since I didn't get them).

They're open 24 hours, so whether you're ready for breakfast or a late night snack, try them out!

Mary's Donuts & Coffee
9031 Mission Gorge Rd
Santee CA 92071
(619) 448-4800

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