Just in case you’re wondering, yes, ‘Hamburgers’ is the name of the restaurant. This tiny joint (literally - the inside probably seats under ten people max) is located on the main street of Sausalito’s touristy area (a little town north of the Golden Gate), and is pretty easy to spot despite its small size, probably due in part to the awesome rotating burger grill they have setup in the front. Although there’s usually no seating inside, when you’re in Sausalito, you’d probably rather sit outside for a great bay view anyways.

This is actually a place I’ve been to a couple times before. Originally I hadn’t planned on coming here, but after a 36 mile bike ride, I felt like I needed some protein to recharge, and I knew just the place to go! So I park my bike, go in and order the regular burger, about $6.50. That may be a bit steep for a burger, but it’s well worth it. I call these the In-n-Out contenders, since In-n-Out is my absolute favorite burger, and to my taste buds, this is the only burger I’ve tasted that can stand up to them. So I order my burger, and to watch it cook on the rotating grill I have to walk back outside so I can look in the window.

Watching the flames char your burger and melt the cheese totally gets your appetite running. About 6 minutes later, I get my food. From the outside it looks like a totally average burger anybody could cook up. In fact, there’s nothing special about the bread, lettuce, ketchup, not even any ’special sauce’ like in-n-out has. What made this excellent was all in the meat, which was thick and juicy, and tasted grades better than anything you could get at a fastfood place. Definitely something that you’ve definitely got to try for yourself.

737 Bridgeway
Sausalito CA 94965
(415) 332-9471

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