Malo is right… es muy mal… This place is so overpriced! The decor is nothing special and the food is served in meager portions.

Drinks: Oro Azul Blanco Margarita ($9), Pinot Grigio ($6), and Virgin Mojito ($4).  I ordered the Virgin Mojito because it sounded interesting… having mint leaves in it reminded me of Morocco’s national drink, the mint tea. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it. It was weird.

From the top: Chips with Tomatillo and Hass Avocados ($4), Guacamole ($7), and Habanero and Creme Fraiche ($4).  The Tomatillo and Hass Avocados was ok… much like any other salsa. The same can be said for the Guacamole, but the Habanero and Creme Fraiche was delicious! I was a little bit scared to try it because habaneros are the world’s hottest peppers, but it wasn’t that hot. It had a nice creamy texture. I couldn’t stop eating it with the chips.

Lisa1’s Shrimp, Spinach, and Avocado Salad with Mint-Lime Dressing was $9.  Jenn’s Cheese Enchilada Red was $7.  Lisa2’s Ground Beef and Pickle Taco was $5 and Linh’s Carne Asada Taco was $6.

My Yucateco Chicken ($10) with Spanish Rice ($2). Ten whole dollars for such a small piece of skinless chicken breast marinated in achiote and citrus with one flour tortilla! Unbelievable! It tasted like any other chicken… nothing special.

Not really worth your time. Or maybe we just needed to try one of their tequilas. They offer over 150 different types. They have a separate bar section, which was more crowded than the restaurant part, so maybe it’s a good place to have a drink, instead of getting a bite to eat.

4326 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90027
(323) 664-1011

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