San Diego

Elijah's is a restaurant, deli, and bakery all-in-one!  They also offer catering.  They currently have a graduation fiesta special - $9.95 per person for a Greek or Mexican buffet.  Their food is good and hearty at reasonable prices.

This is a great new place to try out in Clairemont! It’s sort of like Japanese Shabu-Shabu, but without the dipping sauces. As soon as you are seated, your waiter will give you an ordering form and a pen. You just check what you want. There are about 100 items to choose from!

First, you need to decide on the soup base: House Original, House Spicy, Half and Half, or Vegetarian Mushroom.

Ever since the Taste of Adams, I have been waiting for Bleu Boheme to open.  The sign said mid-July.  Well, it was a busy summer and you know how it goes…  Here we are in October and I finally made it to their French Restaurant.

Dave suggested that we try Miami Grille because he had heard good things from his friends.  I had been at UTC earlier in the morning and walked by just to check it out. It didn’t look too fancy, almost like an upscale fast food restaurant, but when I came back in the evening, it had a very different vibe… kind of trendy. Dave says it’s “cheap IKEA trendy.” (You may recognize a few things from IKEA.)