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04/18/2015 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Get ready to indulge in exotic flavors and delight the palate during the 15th Annual Taste of Hillcrest. On Saturday, April 18 from noon to 4:00 p.m., San Diego’s most fabulous neighborhood will bring together some of the best chefs and cuisines for food connoisseurs to experience on a self-guided culinary tour.

From cafes to bistros to five-star dining, Taste of Hillcrest will feature more than 40 restaurants and span more 12 blocks. Participants can treat their taste-buds to foods from all over the world including Italy, Mexico, Middle East, Asia and American favorites. Peruse the streets and take in the sights and sounds of Hillcrest, while selecting from fresh seafood, sushi, spicy Thai, delicious pastas and feel-good classics during the tastiest event this season.

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It was half past 8 and we were starving for dinner! A quick yelp search in Mira Mesa led us to Tim Ky Noodle, open until 9:30pm, later than most Vietnamese places in the area. Dennis whispered to me that it was in the same spot as Tan Ky Mi Gia, which had been here for ages... A staff member confirmed the new ownership and name change.

The new restaurant had been open for 2.5 months and was pleasantly decorated; I especially loved the neutral paneled walls and the woodgrain table finish. Also there was plenty of light inside which is always great for taking food pictures!

After a brief glance at the menu appetizers, we were already ordering the Fish Sauce Wings (6.99). Maybe I'm addicted after wing week and various other wings but this "fish sauce" flavor caught my eye!

It all began last year with City Beat's San Diego Burger Week, where I practically ate a burger a day for a week (and avoided 'em for almost a month after). Then they created Wing Week, and well, I just couldn't turn that down either... With options galore (30ish restaurants), a $5 basket of wings was mighty tempting!

Common Theory Public House

I'd been wanting to check this place out after seeing it on local bloggers Kirbie's, Mary, Jinxi's, etc blogs. It was close to work so I convinced a few coworkers to join me for lunch.

I got two orders of Salt and Pepper Wings for the table. This batch was crispy hot deliciousness. The "pepper" portion of it wasn't black pepper as I expected but flakes of RED pepper! So by the end, my lips were burning a bit (I'm weak spice) but OMG they were so tasty I couldn't stop! The wings came in an order of 6 and were a generous size with juicy meat underneath the skin. I only managed 7 wings before calling it quits.

03/27/2015 (All day) to 04/06/2015 (All day)

San Diego Burger Week is back! Starting March 27 until April 6, burgers are only $5 at participating restaurants! That's about a week and a half to get your burger on! We explored a few options last year on our Burger Week recap. I'm eyeing Brabant, Henry's Pub, the Harp, the Rabbit Hole, Saltbox, South Park Abbey (burger and wings), Sublime... so many choices!

Manna BBQ opened a Mira Mesa location around Thanksgiving of last year. The biggest benefits to this location vs original in Convoy? A bigger parking lot and no crazy lines, at least for now! The mother-in-law wanted to give it a try so we visited on Sunday. Yay to my second KBBQ AYCE in San Diego, following Taegukgi just last year. Yeah I know, I'm late to the KBBQ AYCE train.

The restaurant opens daily at noon. We arrived around 12:15pm and there were already a few other tables occupied. Seating was quick.

An assortment of banchan was placed on the table. Dennis really liked the bean sprouts because of the sesame oil flavor on them. I tried the noodle item (similar to jap-chae), the potato salad stuff in the back, and one or two of those crunchy cucumbers. One strange thing is that they didn't have the normal kim-chi in our batch that day! It didn't really matter because we concentrated on meats anyway.

A large salad was served to every table, even for our party of 3! I'd say it was tossed with a light kim-chi inspired dressing, hence the occasional specks of red. This was sampled but for the most part ignored to make room for the meat! 

Each person was provided a dual dipping sauce container, a zesty ponzu style sauce on one side and straight-up salt on the other side.

Manna's menu gives you two options, A1 (27.99) and A2 (21.99). The major difference is that A1 includes a few more meats such as seafood. We were okay with just A2 for this trip. Let's order!

The Brisket was cut super thin!

Our third and final restaurant for San Diego Restaurant Week was Cowboy Star in downtown San Diego. We were interested in this menu because we noticed it included DESSERT for lunch too, which makes it a three course meal for only $20. Yea, I'm all over that!

Being from Texas, the cowhide-style seats in the waiting area made me feel a bit nostalgic, even if it wasn't something you'd find at MY family home. And I just love cowboy hats! Surprisingly this blogger here doesn't even have her own! On the other side of the chairs was a bar area to pass time before seating in the main area.

After we ordered, they brought out a bread appetizer. It had a sourdough texture inside but was toasty brown on the outside! I didn't take pictures but it was probably served with butter.

Our first appetizer was the Cauliflower Soup. I rarely see this on a menu so of course it was a must! The soup came out at the perfect temp and ready to eat. It had a richness and subtle cauliflower taste to all that creaminess and was topped with a few tibits of cauliflower and pepita seeds. It exceeded my expectations and I'd be willing to eat this again!

03/20/2015 - 7:00pm to 03/21/2015 - 3:00pm

Latin Food Fest ( returns to California March 20-21, 2015 for its next star-studded Latin culinary classic – and announces the agenda for its signature event, “Grande Tasting Los Angeles.” With white tasting tents stretching across Santa Monica Beach Park, the 2015 Grande Tasting Los Angeles will be home to the epitome of all tasting events featuring a star-studded culinary showdown and the tasting booth, which will showcase offerings from more than 200 Latin restaurants, chefs, artisanal foods makers and renowned pur

Amongst chocolate, wines, and beers at the Escondido Chocolate Festival, we also sampled our first ever pupusas at Cuscatlan Salvadorian Cuisine. A pupusa is traditional Salvadorian dish, essentially a deliciously thick corn tortilla that's usually stuffed with cheese and meat. Almost a year later, we finally made it back for a full meal at the restaurant!

The Cuscatlan Sampler ($13.95) sounded like the best way to start our visit. This monstrous sized plate contained fried plantains, fried yuca with fried pork, 1 corn tamale, 1 chicken tamale, 2 pupusas, sour cream and beans.