Dave's Super Special Brownies

Have a special occasion coming up?  Then you need to make Dave's Super Special Brownies!

Ingredients and items needed:

1 box of brownie mix (or your fav. recipe) + egg, water, oil (whatever ingredients are required for your brownies)

1 chocolate transfer sheet

1 bag of chocolate candy melts


Step 1 - Buy a box of brownie mix (we like Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines).  Bake according to the instructions on the box.   You'll probably need water, oil, and eggs.

Step 2 - After they have cooled, use a circular cookie cutter to shape and remove the brownies from the pan.

Step 3 - Cut the chocolate transfer sheet into strips (about 1.5 inches).  The width will depend on the height of your brownies.  Transfer sheets can be bought at "Do It with Icing" in San Diego for about $5-6 per sheet.

Step 4 - We recommend using chocolate candy melts (from Michael's - $2.99).  Melt them in the microwave and then spread the chocolate evenly on a strip of the transfer sheet.  Be careful.  Make sure you're spreading onto the side with the design.

Step 5 - Immediately wrap the strip around a brownie and let it harden in the fridge.

Step 6 - Optional - We like to pour in a layer of chocolate ganache. Peel off the transfer strip.

Step 7 - Enjoy!

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