Bleu Boheme

Ever since the Taste of Adams, I have been waiting for Bleu Boheme to open.  The sign said mid-July.  Well, it was a busy summer and you know how it goes…  Here we are in October and I finally made it to their French Restaurant.

Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah, JP Chenet 2004 ($6.50) - “spicy deep and flavorful with a great body and a lingering finish.”

Carre d’Agneau Provencal, Ratatouille et Pommes de Terre au Gratin ($21.50) - “roasted Rack of Lamb served with Nicoise Ratatouille and Gratin Potatoes finished with a Rosemary Jus.” Edmund says it was cooked just right, but he’s dying to go back and try the mussels. Someone at another table ordered the mussels and as it came out, we could see a mountain of steaming hot mussels. I tried some of the potatoes and they were great.

Saumon en Papillote sur lit de Ratatouille ($17.50) - “filet of Salmon, wrapped in Parchment Paper over a bed of Ratatouille.”  When my dinner was presented, I definitely thought it was interesting.  The parchment paper was twisted in a pretty fashion, but it hid my salmon.  There was intrigue…  The salmon was moist and delicious.  Part of the reason why I ordered this was because I’ve never had ratatouille before and having watched the movie, I felt like I needed to try it.  The potatoes were good and hearty, but I didn’t try the eggplant.

Plateau de Fromages, Miel en Cire d’Abeilles ($8.50) - “assorted French imported cheeses served with honey comb.” I was disappointed when the honey comb turned out to be just a little container of honey. I can’t remember the exact names of the five different cheeses, but one was a soft Brie and another was some sort of blue. There was a really strong cheese and I made the most horrific face as I tasted it.

Tarte aux Fraises ($6.50) - “Strawberry Tart.”  This isn’t normally on the menu.  For some reason, the souffle wasn’t available so they substituted with a strawberry tart.  I was looking forward to dessert, but there was nothing spectacular about the tart.  It was very ordinary from the crust to the custard and strawberries.

The staff was friendly. They wore white shirts with blue jeans. I’d recommend making reservations. When we showed up, the only available seating was outside and it started to get a little chilly. The decor inside seemed very rustic. It can be romantic with all of the candles that were lit. There’s a bar section that seemed quite popular. They have a pretty long wine list.

Try something different… Try some French cuisine… Try Bleu Boheme!



Bleu Boheme
4090 Adams Avenue
San Diego CA 92116
(619) 255-4167

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