The Kebab Shop

I love this place! Its one of the few places in downtown that is affordable AND offers fantastic food. I usually order the Lamb Doner ($6) and a side of fries ($2). The Doner is a tortilla wrapped sandwich with salad and your choice of lamb, chicken, or falafel with a yummy garlic yogurt sauce. It has a fresh and healthy taste to it. The fries here are extremely good and are made consistently crispy. I like to dip them in a side of garlic yogurt sauce which sounds weird but you just have to try and taste the sauce for yourself. Its strangefully delightful.

Out of the numorous times I have been here, I have never tried anything other than the doners. But Jeremy is a notorious salmon fiend and had ordered the Salmon Filet Kebab ($8.50). According to him, the salmon tasted slightly undercooked but the vegetables were killer. I told him to get the salmon recooked but by the time I finished my sentence, he had already finished it!

The Kebab Shop
630 9th Avenue
San Diego CA 92101
(619) 525-0055

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