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After many years of using porcelain coated grates on my gas grill, I decided it was time for a replacement. I will be reviewing GrillGrates, which are made in the USA and advertised to provide even heat, completely eliminate flare-ups and never rust.

Old Grates Setup

My gas grill's porcelain coated grates were starting to chip and rust. Fortunately, I already own and have been using a set of GrillGrates that I had purchased alongside my Rec Tec Pellet Grill last summer. These grates allowed me to sear meats and skewers easily on my pellet grill and gave me plenty of fantastic results.

Last month, Common Theory Public House celebrated their three year anniversary as well as rolled out a revamped menu. I've been dropping by for 2+ years ever since finding their Chicken Wings and burger, but my favorite promo is their progressive happy hour with 32 rotating taps. The happy hour discount for beer was $3 if you ordered between 3-4pm, $2 between 4-6pm and $1 til 7pm.

One of the recent changes I immediately noticed was this beautiful new artwork of a dragon. The artists were Alex Banach (@buddhaselfie) and Gloria Muriel (@gloriamuriel) so check their IG for more of their work!

There was also a huge poster for guests to sign as part of the anniversary weekend party Friday-Sunday. After being seated at one of the tables, we peered at the new food menu.

Beet & Watermelon Poke - salt roasted beets / roasted watermelon / flax seed oil / sea beans / onion / cucumber / nori / sesame oil / taro chips

One of the recommendations was the poke. We were surprised to hear that this dish was vegetarian!

BIGA Cucinato A Legno has been on my "hot" list ever since a fabulous dinner with the cousins during last year's Comic-Con. I've visited several times since, including a recent Wednesday lunch sandwich popup with Grand Ole BBQ Y Asado (GOBYA is one of the best BBQs in San Diego)!

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner as well as weekend brunch but does close on Mondays. There's a gelato and pastries display on the left and freshly baked bread to your right before the line to order. Along the way are huge wood fired hearth ovens which are the powerhouses for the bakery here. My friends had already ordered and sat down while I still had a hard decision in front of me. Which GOBYA collaboration item should I order? There was the LBJ with smoked tri tip, The Peanut with smoked hot links, or the Grand Ole Biga Turkey sandwich...

The San Diego Fair brings in huge crowds each summer with food, rides, exhibits, shows, and concerts. The theme of 2017 is "Where the West is Fun" and changes every year. I decided to explore fair food this year and invited a friend to "Taste of the Fair." Every Thursday between noon-5pm, each food booth offered $3 "taster portions" of favorite Fair foods. Time to fill 'er up!

With a western theme AND me being from Texas, I had to give these fried potatoes from Texas Tater Twisters a try. The taste was 1/3 the size of the regular stack...

The night was still young on this Taco Tuesday and a small party of ladies (plus Dennis) arrived at El Chingon, a new and eclectic Mexican restaurant in downtown San Diego. Believe it or not, we had JUST finished an influencer pairing at Meze Greek Fusion and were ready for part two of the evening!

A mariachi band serenaded guests right outside the door and our smiles broadened as we walked to our table inside.

BEST SIGN EVER plus guacamole, salsa and chips

Laughter errupted as we read the sign on our table - "Reserved - This ain't your table ese". It was a must-have in the chips and salsa pic and just the first snapshot of badass-ery running amuck in this bar. Additional phrases on the wall added more fuel for though. Meanwhile, the two fistfuls worth of guacamole were lightly limed and salted. The creamy texture was punctured with avocado chunks and topped with tomatos and onions. Lucky for us, the mellowed onions didn't overwhelm the rest of the ingredients. I forgot to sample the salsas in my excitement.

Meze Greek Fusion is celebrating FIVE years of business in the gaslamp quarter! We still remember when it used to be on the corner of 6th and J street and were completely blown away by the spacious new location one block away. The color scheme was gorgeous with a trendy yet comfortable ambiance and more than double the capacity. After admiring the new setup, we were quite eager to begin the media wine and food pairing experience for that night.

Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus (left) and Baba Ghanoush (right)

The signature item was the baba ghanoush and right away you notice there's something very special about it... the intense smokiness! The eggplants were grilled to give it that unique but addictive characteristic! The hummus was more gritty in texture but surprisingly not too spicy! Dennis was a big fan of these appetizers and went to town dipping pita bread into both. Everything was made in house except the pita bread.

Recently we had a chance to check out Nicky Rottens Bar & Burger Joint on a breezy summer weekend. Besides being one of only two sports bars in Coronado (where you can watch UFC, football, basketball, etc), it also offers a fantastic food and drink menu as well as being family friendly. The general manager Aaron told us some of the history of the restaurant and spoke of the latest additions to the revamped menu. Being so close to the ocean, he felt the time was right to incorporate some seafood alongside the already popular burgers and wings.

'Buffalo Wings - Crispy yet unbelievably tender wings made from farmraised chicken. Choose from 8 unique styles! Served with ranch and blue cheese dressings. 6 pieces or 12 pieces.

We decided to start with a six piece order of the wings naked and asked for the sauces on the side. There were plenty of flavors to choose from which are normally mixed in during cooking: Medium, Hot, Spiked Ranch, BBQ, Spicy BBQ, Teriyaki, Peanut Spicy Teriyaki and Sweet Chili Sauce. The skins were thin but fried well while the meat stayed juicy hot inside!

With all the non-stop hustle and bustle of life, sometimes all you really crave is an evening out with the girls. My friend San Diego Food Girl kindly set up an intimate dinner in downtown San Diego at Whiskey Girl. This longstanding entertainment establishment offers a impressive collection of 70+ whiskeys as well as cocktails, craft beers and most importantly tasty eats.

Whiskey Burger with shot of Jack Daniels - Whiskey basted burger topped with cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, Philly sirloin steak with sauteed onions and mozzarella cheese.

One big perk of this group... we follow the all important food/drink protocol - the camera eats first! Plenty of appetizers were ordered for sharing but I captured my money shot with the main entree. Isn't it majestic? The initials W.G. were branded into the top of the fluffy yet hardy burger bun. Underneath, the generous sized juicy patty, oozy melted cheese and protruding thick cut bacon made for a satisfying bite. This burger comes WITH a shot of Jack Daniels, which dear Savvy Sweets took for the team!